Friday, February 10, 2012

Pleasant Chapel & Cemetary

Hello Again, Folks!

So, now that I've got some free time, I'm loading up some more creations to my studio.  This next lot is a commercial lot, meant to replace the cemetary in Sunset Valley.  I don't know that this lot will fit anywhere else since the dimensions are so unique.  It's a 32x63 lot.

This lot offers a small wedding venue inside the chapel area, there's public bathrooms and just behind the chapel there's a grave yard for your pets and sims.  I also placed a mortuary so you can manage your dead.  This replacement lot should not interrupt game play.

This lot also contains 4 pieces of CC.  I lied forgot about the other 3 items when I wrote the description on the asset.  The brick pattern you see on the exterior of the church is CC, as well as the window above the entry doors.  The third piece is the fence/border I used around the plants in the front yard.  These 3 items are included in the download.

The last piece of CC is optional and not necessary.  But I love it!  It the Fiorella flower arrangement available at ModTheSims.

Also, I did place a few tomb stones of real sims around the cemetary so that you will still have the ability to see ghosts when your sims visit the lot.  It does take a few sim days for the ghosts to spawn just like any other spawners on a lot.   Empty tomb stones that say "Remains" are removeable and you can replace those with any of the dead sims you manage through the mortuary.

Please be sure to download and Rec!
Click to download!

**NOTE: On the asset, it shows that you need multiple store items.  This is technically not true.  I must have killed off sims that had those items designated as their clothes, but the game will replace those items with others if you don't have them.  Just ignore that.  Also, you really only need Ambitions, Pets and Generations for this lot to function.  Hope this helps anyone who may be wondering.
Happy Simming!

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