Friday, January 17, 2014

New! The Retreat

The Retreat is a 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath log cabin featuring ample living space, green house, optional In-Law suite over the garage and more!

The Retreat is CC Free but does contain just a few Store World items, which aren't necessary to download the house.  The expansions needed include AMB, LN, GEN, Pets, SN, Season, and UL.

The home was built on 1005 Pomona Promenade in Appaloosa and costs 117,814 simoleans with furnishings.

Here are two pictures of the front and back of the house.  I had to crop out the garage because I didn't want a skewed cover picture for the actual item.  And the back of the house has some nice architectural features that don't show well on the item images.


Please be sure to recommend/favorite.  And as always, thanks for your support!

Happy Simming! 


  1. Thank you so much dear for your beautiful homes :) I always use them and have had no issues! love them to bits! best wishes

    1. Thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoy my homes. ^_^ That give me the warm fuzzies to know they're loved. ((hugs))