Saturday, January 25, 2014

I'm On A Roll

I have two moderns I'm working on that I'm to a point that I want to share them!  It is feeling good to build again, but I'll admit, my long absence caused me to forget a lot of build cheats and techniques that I'm having to refresh myself on.

This first house I started working on doesn't have the roof style I want so there will be some major changes to this house where the roof is concerned.

And this next house was originally built to re-learn a certain build cheat that I'd forgotten.  I angled the roof using a couple of game build cheats and I'd like to do something similar with the darker house.  But even though I originally built this house just as a practice run, I continued to play around with it and a really cool house started to form!

Want to know a builder's secret?? Most success in building turns out to be "happy accidents" or things that weren't planned.  That's the best thing, sometimes, when building in Sims 3.

Anyway, that's all for now.  I'll update likely tomorrow with another picture update.


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