Sunday, January 26, 2014

NEW! Cobalt

Cobalt is a 2 bedroom, 1 bath modern home.  Amenities include a pool with waterfall, hot tub, modern furnishings and upgraded appliances/fixtures.

The home was built on 65 Sand Road in Lucky Palms and costs 65,092 simoleans when purchased furnished.

There is no custom content in the home, but I did use the following store items:

Haute Hip Bedroom
Giant Bosai Tree - FREE
Alpha Waves Aquarium
Aurora LushStyle Sconce
Fjordnord Tier Set (from Aurora Skies)
II-Stand Bookshelf
Palm In Vase
Textophobia Taunts Wall Sculpture
Aromatic Stove
Cushy Cushion Loveseat
Cushy Cushion Chair
Murano Retro and Ripe Fruit Bowl
Overly General Dining Chair
Home On the Range Grill
Bamboo Grove Mirror
Simetry Seater
Hosomaki Counter
Nightly Light
Theo's Contempo Round Table
I believe that is the whole list of store items.  :)

And last, the home has been fully play-tested and all appliances and bathroom fixtures have been upgraded.  I did leave the 2nd bedroom empty for downloaders to customize themselves.  The room can be a 2nd bedroom, a nursery or an office and provide versatile space for sims that want to have opportunity to grow in the house and live there longer.

And now on to the pics!

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Happy Simming!


  1. I absolutely love when your homes are cc free haha :) This one is nice :) a bit too modern for me but nice nevertheless :)) You never fail to impress. Kisses!

    1. I'm definitely going through a phase right now on not using CC. Although I also dumped my game file that had all the CC in it since it had been so long. But it's nice when creating a home not having to cite every CC items used, give props to all the creators and ensure that said CC works. ;)