Friday, January 24, 2014

New! Lime In The Coconut

The song which was stuck in my head while creating the house can be viewed on YouTube.

Lime in the Coconut is available for download via My Studio

Although this home was originally built in Isla Paradiso, the ridiculous amount of lag that town has forced me to reformat the home and I finished it in Sunlit Tides.  This home is perfectly suited and looks better (in my opinion) in Sunlit Tides.  The 40x40 lot called "The Sandy Beach" is where this house should be placed for the best aesthetics.

Lime in the Coconut is a 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath modern home with killer views of the beach and ample outdoor space to enjoy it in.

**No CC or CAP patterns were used in this home, but this home does include store content from the following sets:
Sunlit Tides World
Mid-Century Modern Bathroom
Ultra Lounge Bathroom
Sun, Surf & Sand
Tiki Outdoor Party
Hibiscus Trio

And other odds and ends pieces that are more optional.

Recommended Expansions:
AMB, LN, Pets, Gen, SN, Seasons, UL, IP and OLS Stuff Pack

The cost of this home is 78,969 simoleans with furnishings.

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