Sunday, October 2, 2011

My New World

So, if anyone's interested here are some shots in-game of the progress of the world.  So this is going to be a New England style town -- as yet unnamed.  It's on a large map - so about the size of Sunset Valley, and will have a lot for sims to do.

 This is the island where the lighthouse is located.  There is one commercial lot on the island that I'm thinking will be like a historical landmark and house that sims can visit.  There's a walking trail that goes around the island as well and there's some spawners for various things that sims can find as well.

 Here's a zoomed-out pic of the whole island and the bridge that connects it.  That bridge was a bugger to place, I tell you.  But it looks good, now, right?

 The shot above and the next few below just show the lay-out of the rest of the town.  There's going to be prime beach property (as seen above) and the the left is where the beach hangout will be.  The whole expanse of sandy beach will be accessible to sims and they will be able to fish the ocean as well.

 The shot is a little more in-land, where the Historic District and downtown area will be.  I don't think I'll be placing high rises, but I will have a few clubs and bars for sims to visit.

 This is a close-up of the warehouse(located on the dirt road) and the junkyard.  The other streets that fork off from that will be the trailer park.

Here's pretty much the whole expanse of he town.

I still have to finish placing trees - I'm only about half-way through on that. Yes, just half-way through.  I'm sure you're thinking there's probably enough trees, but New England is covered in trees so I'm going to be placing more.  That gets a little monotonous, but someone's gotta do it.

The lots have pretty much been placed, commercial and residential.  Once I finish placing all trees, spawners and environment items (like hot air balloon and rainbows) then I can push forward with actually building the lots and placing the rabbit holes..... yay!
So, what's your opinion?

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