Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mulberry Farms - Pets-friendly farm

I have a new lot to share!

This house is called Mulberry Farms and is for a competition going on over in the Gift Gathering section of the official forums.  Betty_me is hosting the contest to find the best farmhouse that is ready for the nearly-here Pets Expansion Pack.

This is the real house my creation is based off of:

I actually live in a very rural area of Georgia, tons of cotton farms all around.  This house has always struck me as eye-catching.  Maybe it's just that rich red color, I don't know.  But shortly after moving to Georgia in 2010 I knew I wanted to re-create this house.  It was fun to build, I must say.

Here's what my version looks like:

and here's a slideshow with tons more pictures, including interior shots.  This is a CC-Free lot.  However, there are various store items.
This isn't a complete list, but does entail the ones that I can think of off-hand that I used:
Frontier Finds Kitchen & Living (mainly just the stove, cabinets, counters and sofa)
Fall Fruition (free items)
Harvest Bounty (free items)
In the Dawn of Sims (free items)
Eye of the Bolder '10 (free items)
Regal Living items (mainly light fixtures)
Contemporary Comfort Bedroom
"Cornucopia" - painting from Hewnsman set
Generation Clock - free item
Club Vaindenburger - club chairs only
Shhh-It's a Library Door - from the Hewnsman set (this is the front door of the house)
Provence Set - mainly just the cabinet with the cooking stuff on it

If you're curious to download the lot, you can download it Here.  Please be sure to give it a rec' if you like it.

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