Sunday, February 7, 2016

New Homes for Sims 4

I have four homes I've uploaded to Sims 4 since my last post, today I'll be sharing 2 of them due to some internet difficulties on my end.  You can find my creations under #peaches327 by searching the community in-game. (F4)

The first is "Traditional Starter" just a quickie-generic home that simmers can place that's budget friendly.  It comes partially furnished and the rooms are empty left for you to make your mark.

 There is no CC, and no build cheats (like moo) were used.

The second home is "Heritage (Unfurnished)" and comes completely unfurnished save for the bathrooms.  It has a fenced-in back yard and gardening area.  And all the landscaping is done.  Again, this home is ready for simmers to download and customize how they wish.

This home contains no CC as well, and no build cheats.

Please take the time to "Favorite" my creations if you enjoy them, it lets me know I'm doing well enough to keep sharing my work. ^_^

Happy Simming!

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