Thursday, February 11, 2016

NEW! Garden Farmhouse & Sim

Hi Y'all!

Back again with another build called Garden Farmhouse.

This eclectic-styled home takes advantage of the new items from the newest stuff pack Romantic Garden Stuff.  This home has a touch of traditional, whimsy, and charm.

There's 3 bedrooms (only 1 is furnished) and 2 bathrooms.  There is also a semi-detached artist's room where you art-inclined sims can paint.

Surrounding the home is lush garden spaces.

This home is available in the Gallery and has No CC but I did use MOO to achieve placing flowers on the arbors.

Lena Swann, a new sim who is a perfect match for the Garden Farmhouse, is also available for download in the gallery and she has no CC as well.

Feel free to follow me in Sims 4, or you can find all my creations by searching for #peaches327 in-game,
Enjoy and Happy Simming!

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