Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Summer Breeze - Now Available!

Hi All!
Long time no see, but I'm back for a second to show another house.

This one was built by request, but I lost contact with the individual who requested it so I decided to go ahead and upload it, although it's not complete.

There's a good start to the home that allows players to customize the home as they see fit.  And if the original person who requested this gets in contact with me and wants me to finish it, I gladly will. :)

This home is based off a floor plan from ICI Homes and features many options for growing families.

Here's the Quick-Specs to the house:
  • 4 bedroom/4.5 bath
  • Large Bonus Room
  • Spacious floor plan for a family of 5+
  • 2 car garage
  • Office room with exra attached bathroom OR optional 5th bedroom
  • Fully furnished Living, Dining, Kitchen and Family Rooms
  • Bedrooms and bathrooms empty for personal customization
  • Master Suite located on main floor
  • 105,627 Simoleans
  • Built on 2500 Pinochle Point in SV
Requires AMB, LN, PETS, ST

(Click on images to enlarge)

This home contains CC from many talented creators, namely the windows on the home are from Cyclonesue.  CC has been tested safe, the home has been play-tested as well.

Because of the amount of CC this is another home that is only available from MediaFire.

Happy Simming


  1. Hey Peaches, this is just brill. It's a shame I can only leave you a virtual rec!