Saturday, September 29, 2012

New! Barton Cottage

Barton Cottage is a rustic but charming English country cottage loosely based off the home of the ladies Dashwood in the book (and movies) from Sense & Sensibility.

This home was built on 29 Ferry Lane in Barnacle Bay

A ridiculous amount of store content was used in this house so I will not post it here, however, should someone want it I can provide the list of content used.

Quick Notes:

  • CC Free
  • Contains Store Content
  • Contains Free Store Items
  • Requires WA, AMB, LN, Pets, Supernatual, OLS, FL, TL
I do have a video showcase for this home, it's just over a minute long and you can view it on YouTube. If you like the home, please take a moment to hit the Recommend button in My Studio.

Have a Great Weekend!

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