Saturday, January 7, 2012

2 WIPs to Share

Hello Again, Y'all!

Just another quick post to show 2 WIPs.  This first one is just a update to a post I made maybe a month ago.  The exterior is complete and most of the main floor is furnished and decorated.  This one will contain CC patterns, so just a head's up to potential downloaders.

And this next one is a remodel of a Sims 3 commercial lot I'm converting to a home.  Can anybody guess which lot this is???

Maybe this'll jog your memories:

I thought this community lot that came with the Pets EP would make a great littls Victorian-esque-like cottage for a young couple or so, so that's what I'm converting it into...
These will hopefully be added to my studio soon - no promises with a specific date.
First, I have to finish that castle - which I think I'm nearly there.



  1. You do amazing things here!!!! I really like it! Such inspiration!!