Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Heritage, A New Sims 3 Lot ... And a legacy lot, coming soon!

Long time, I know.  I took a major hiatus from the game after I felt let down by Sims 4.  Long story short, I don't like build mode in Sims 4 so I don't build or actively play it.  I have been back to Sims 3 about a month now and I've just started building again.  This time around, I'm building for myself.

I uploaded a new home a few days ago but decided I should probably revisit my old blog in case I still have some followers around. :)

I got a new computer, which has been proving a super-awesome-champ at running Sims 3.  But my internet connection's so slow that I've only gotten around to adding WA back into the game.  I've decided that over time, I'll be putting in the other expansions, stuff packs and store content I have.

So, first, off to the new home:

"Heritage" is a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom, traditional home.  The only items I used outside of the Base game (Sims 3) items are 3 store sets: India Inspirations, Morocco Mystique, Critter Comfort and Lullabies & Nursery Rhymes.

This home is CC Free and was built on 58 Water Lily Lane in Sunset Valley.  The total price for the  home is 51,597 simoleans fully furnished.

This home, despite the traditional outside, has a Hindu influence in decor and was built for my growing Hindu family, The Jhamanpur's.

And remember, you can click on the images to enlarge them.

You can download this home by visiting my Sims 3 Studio and the direct link for this home is available Here.

And because the Jhamanpur family is growing and I've been breeding them somewhat like rabbits, I'm building for them a potential legacy house with more Indian flare, and one that actually has a bit of Indian architecture with the design.  Here's a teaser pic:

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