Monday, February 25, 2013

Progress, Progress, Progress!

The beach house has officially been moved to a more spacious lot in Sunlit Tides (formally located in Sunset Valley) and I've even gotten more done with it.

Check it out!

This won't be ready any time soon, sadly.  It is actually a large house, although not large in bedroom numbers.  Believe it or not this is a one bedroom, two bath house.  0_0  But there's lots of entertainment space to fill and the back yard hasn't even been touched yet.

All in good time, my friends.



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! hoping the interior will come as easily as the exterior did!

  2. Hi Peaches!

    I LOVE the home much better now! Definitely looks better here than in AS!


  3. Haven't stopped by in a while, so I thought I'd check in. <3 How do you get the sketches of houses, like in your banner?

  4. Hiya Simskiten! The banner image is actually a photoshop edit of some of my sims 3 creations put in a collage together. Thanks for stopping by.