Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I'm Not Dead

I know, I know! I haven't been around the Sims 3 site and such in a LONG time!  And I've kinda dropped off the virtual face of the Sims 3 world . . . 

But I'm not dead yet. 

I have been wholly involved in some real-life happenings that have over-taken game play all together.  So here's whats been happening:

1- House-hunting in real life! Turns out that the housing market right now is a buyer's market and it's very competitive.  My husband and I have been on the hunt for a permanent home, ready to get out of our sorry apartment ASAP.  As it turns out, we found the perfect home only to discover that it sold 15 minutes before I called the realty company about it.  So, we did the next best thing: Commissioned the builder to build us that same house in the same neighborhood, but I get to choose all the colors and woods and such.

This is a Sims 3 builder/creator's dream!  Gah!

2- The not-so-fun occupation I've been handling is potty training my very stubborn and three-year-old daughter.  I've been trying off and on for the past year to potty train her and it seems like the last 3 weeks (yes, it has taken me 3 weeks) have been focused 101% on getting her to use that silly potty.

This is generally NOT the fun part of playing Sims 3, I think we can all agree.  Potty-training those little virtual babies is easy, but time-consuming in it's own right.  I think my Sims will be child-less for awhile to give me a potty-training break!

With that said, I just bought Sims 3 Seasons today. FINALLY! It's actually downloading from Origins now, as I type this post.

So I will be finishing up the last 2 houses that I shared in my last 2 posts.  With the addition of Seasons items included in it.

And now that we're on the down-hill slope of house building and potty training IRL I can get back to some sims content, I think! 

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