Friday, November 9, 2012

I Have A Confession ...

I know I haven't been around my blog lately.  At all.  In a long time.

But there's not really a good reason for it. I promise!

Okay, so .... here's my confession.


I've been playing World of Warcraft.  I know! You're all probably like "wut?" and I'm all absorbed in my nerd-dom, trying to kick serious butt with my level 83 Priest to answer that.

The game's been out since like, what, 2004?  But I just got into playing it the last couple of months and a new expansion came out and I've been somewhat unabashedly involved in this game.

But fear not; I have been building, I haven't given up on Sims 3 it's just that I'm not building as much as I was previously to being introduced to WoW (<---that's short-hand for World of Warcraft.  See what I did there? I used Nerd jargon)

Anyway, I have some builds coming up soon so don't be a stranger to the blog.  I just wanted those that still follow me to be aware that my little bit of free time that once was occupied with Sims 3 now shares time (nay, fights to the death!) with World of Warcraft.

Do you WoW???


  1. hahaha oh noooo!
    Well I used to be an avid WoW player from vanilla, I even played through most expansions and killed the Lich King. I played a little of Cataclysm but I'd lost a lot of love for the game by then. My friend at Activision recently sent me Mists of Pandaria but it's still sitting here, unopened. It can be addictive, very addictive! I also played a priest, uber awesome Disc priest but I believe disc has changed ALOT now so maybe not so awesome. Hmm oh no, I have the urge to log in LOL Have fun xx

    1. I used to tease my cousins for playing and for being such dorks. Now the irony is on me because I'm a dork along with them.

      Try MoP, you might be surprised.

  2. *Gasp* Peaches! Have we lost you to "the dark side"? Well I hope your having fun on the nerdier side of the gaming world ;)

    1. I haven't been lost.
      ;-) But no promises. And I am having fun, thank you!

  3. I was wondering where you have gotten too. It is completely understandable though WOW sucks you in. My husband plays that game along with Diablo 3, and I seriously didn't see him like hardly ever (Aside from when he was sleeping and working). I guess I can say the same for the Xbox and me. When Arkham City came out he got me the dual back with Arkham Asylum and aside from caring for the kids I was glued to the TV kicking butt. Games are fun and a huge stress reliever. :P

  4. BLASPHEMY! WoW is terrible! lol I'm just kidding. I think everyone has indulged in that game at least once in their lives, and it's either a hit or a miss with them. I'm glad you're having fun with the new expansion; the panda people look interesting. But I'm too cheap to fork out $15 a month to play it so I gave it up. Plus I think I misplaced my authenticator. o.o Anyway, have fun! I need to check out your blog more often!